Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Financial Management - Entrepreneurial Small Business 101

The objective of this page is to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has various advantages and disadvantages of conducting business as an entrepreneur. There are some basic understandings that need to be understood when looking into establishing a successful new business.

Some of the challenges an entrepreneur faces include: Understanding what an entrepreneur is and how to be successful at it; the cost, benefits and opportunities of becoming an Entrepreneur. The goal here it to explain what entrepreneurs does, while describing how free-enterprise economies work and how entrepreneurs fit into them.

With the ongoing growth and changing nature of the information age, this is a very exciting time to venture into the frontier of establishing new businesses and creating untapped wealth. We will provide content, to this endeavor, in order to educate both the novice and experienced in the world of establishing and running you own successful business.

We will capture both old and new knowledge which can be utilized to accomplish this objective while hoping to establish a collaborative forum where information can be shared and harvest expanding new business potential. The ideal function of this knowledge base, is to assist others with reaching their full potentials.

Dr. Diaz

Thursday, November 11, 2004